What Are Concept Laptops?

computer-laptopInnovation buds from imagination. These innovations have led to Concept Laptops. Simply stated, Concept laptops are an evolved version of the common-looking laptops, reengineered and designed to give a unique look and feel.

It is part of a revolution including multiple screen laptops, sliding or extendable keyboards, multiple folding origami designs, roll up designs, projection keyboards etc. to name a few. There are models that can be charged without plugging in.

What do Concept Laptops have on offer for the future users? Let’s have a sneak peek at some of the concept laptop features that will win hearts in the near future.

  • Eliminate Waiting Times with Multiple Screens

With demands on the rise, one screen is not sufficient enough to get all the work done, hence the introduction of four screens in one laptop. It makes the entire experience of using your laptop thoroughly enjoyable and highly efficient.

There will be one full screen and the auxiliary screens will be small and touch operated which will notify your present activity. That will be advantageous when it comes to running RSS feeds or just acknowledging mails while you are busy with your work.

This makes it an ideal technology for a multi tasking person with the ease of controlling it with just a touch. The auxiliary screen is designed to make sure that the user is not overwhelmed with multiple windows.

  • Portability Matters

When it comes to portability and efficiency, laptops win the game. Versatility has made the key to designing laptops that roll into a tube which can be transported anywhere with much ease. Or else, you could try the origami design folding laptops that fold at multiple positions into a small portable travel sized package.

Simply stated, laptops are going to behave like transformers, going from one form to a completely different one. Each of these configurations will come with its own computing personality.

  • The Keyboards

Concept laptops are bringing lavish changes to keyboards. Though touch screen prevails, keyboards are always preferred for better ease and functionality. These keyboards are going to be extensive, but will have the capability to slide out, extended out or can even be projected to do typing.

  • Multiple Folding Option

The origami concept is rendering designs that could sit upright like a traditional laptop or can fall flat to act as a tablet. This technology allows multiple configurations, allowing a big, wide screen at times or a small, single screen that could resemble an alarm clock.

  • Multiple Screens With Light Sensor Frames

The concept of having two full screens in one laptop that can act as a single unit or two different units as per requirement is not a far cry. Understanding the users comfort, there have been designs incorporating lights on the frames that glows when it is dark, thus reducing strain on eyes. Technology designers have designed concept laptops with transparent screen and opaque keyboard that will fold together to a compact laptop, but with added style.

4 Ways To Use Your Laptop As A Monitor

160927853_79c535904f_zLaptop monitors are known for their clarity. Many times the computer components themselves go out faster than the amazing graphic clarity of a laptop screen. Just like our television screens, laptop screens are manufactured by the same people. Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and many more are making high-end screens fit into a tiny laptop. Laptops are so versatile in our daily life that it beckons us to make it a priority. There are times when you might want to make laptops an external monitor to boost your personal performance in games and presentations. The four ways to use a laptop as a monitor are by connecting to a DVI, a VGA or an HDMI and by using software.


When making presentations to your clients or colleagues, a laptop is very helpful in showing new products. Using the laptop as a dual screen will make it easier to handle meetings and be more productive during them. This will need the utilization of a primary controller to push the video out to all devices attached to the system. The VGA is not able to support input but more readily available. This multi-screen use will also help when working as a team to help integrate and manage the particulars of your project.

Use with gaming platform

Gamers know they want another computer monitor to help them navigate through the levels and for additional graphic purposes.The people that look for the best of PC gaming might buy one of the better gaming laptops under 1000 out there and use that by their side for additional info while gaming.

When trying to hook up the monitor, it would be advisable to use another connector type like a DVI which will require a cable adapter to connect the monitor. Most video cards will not support audio and converting will be necessary.

When connecting a DVI to an HDMI and a VGA, just plug it in. Expect some difficulties with sound if the sound card and graphic card are not the best on the market. Also, adding additional cables and connectors can make your system slow down.

Laptop As A Second Monitor

With all these options of using the laptop in different ways setting it up to be a second monitor is quite easy. Using multiple monitors, while working, allows for increased productivity and performance.


Use the laptop as a television screen to watch YouTube and other forms of entertainment. Laptops provide the ability to watch multiple platforms of video at your discretion. When hooking up the laptop from the cable point:

  • Make sure you have the correct HDMI. Most laptops are for output only, not input. Therefore, it will be more likely you will need to install a port for input.

  • Go to ctrl panel, display, adjust resolution and select TV/ any other device.

  • A controller will be needed if removing the entire laptop screen to use as an external monitor.

  • Hook up a USB tuner to get the channels properly.

There is a software called MaxiVista which allows the laptop to become a monitor quickly and cost effectively. As long as both systems are physically connected properly, the rest is a piece of cake. MaxiVista is relatively inexpensive with a 14 day trial period. Use the test period to ensure it is what you want the monitor to be.

What Are the Top 5 Laptop Repairs?

service-428540_960_720While being in the corporate world, most people are inseparable from their laptops. Almost all the hours they spend staying awake, are spent working on these slim portable machines, being in constant use for long hours, there is every possibility that they will encounter some common problems in the software or the hardware that lead to laptop repairs. Let us look at the top 5 Laptop hardware repairs usually encountered by people today.

Top 5 common Laptop Repairs:

  1. Motherboard Failure: This is one of the commonest repairs and also the most expensive ones as the Motherboard is the soul of a laptop. A problem occurs with it, when you don’t use a proper power adapter. When the original adapter that came with the system dies, people tend to buy ‘universal’ power adapters as they are cheaper than the original. When these universal adapters deliver excessive power than required and sometimes might fail to suit the laptop they may end up blowing up the components on the Motherboard.

  2. Power/AC Adapter Repair: The adapter is usually plugged into a small hole which has a delicate pin jack. When plugging it in too harshly, pushing it to one side, tripping on the adapter cord or even pushing the laptop when plugged to the back of a wall or cabinet might cause it to break, short off or crack the pin, or break the cord and sometimes even the motherboard.

  3. Damaged LCD Display: When the laptop is dropped it mostly lands on the corner causing the edge to crack off and damage the display. But, even without dropping, the backlight or the inverter might stop working. This can happen when you don’t lower the brightness setting or you don’t put your laptop on ‘Sleep’ mode when closing the lid.

  4. Bad CPU Fans: To keep the laptop working smoothly, the heat generated by the laptop processors is driven away from the small space with the help of CPU fans. But due to smoke, water or other external things like cleaning lotions used on the laptop or near the laptop might clog these air vents of these fans causing a failure to run. Unless they are cleaned periodically, they may even lead to replacement of these fans and other problems in the laptop due to heating up.

  5. Keyboard Faults: Sometimes due to spilled liquids, the keyboard may malfunction. A single key might break or get stuck causing typing errors and such. For example, if the key ‘Q’ is struck, it will lead to typing two lines of Q, when you press it. Independent keys can be replaced and a spill guard can be put on the keyboard to minimize these damages. If the keyboard keys end up becoming fragile due to improper maintenance, then you might need to replace the entire keyboard.

The most common cause of these repairs in the Laptop is human error. A little precaution and safety while using the laptop can help people from avoiding these common hardware repairs which usually put a dent in one’s pocket.